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Ok, so I have found some music on AJ that I would like to use as “permanent” intro, outro and transition music for an ongoing weekly Facebook livestream / youtube video channel / podcast I do out of my home. So technically it’s both a live Facebook broadcast, podcast & Youtube channel all in one. I want to use the same music for the intro, outro, etc. each week and so I’m wondering if that makes it multi-use, broadcast or what? Can someone please help me understand which license is right? I really want to do the right thing here…

Hey @qoder,

The standard license should cover what you intend to do. Standard licenses allow for up to 52 videos / entries as part of a series within one year (equivalent to one video a week for a year). This is still classified as a single usage provided each video is clearly interconnected as part of a single project. If you’re making more than 52 videos per year, simply purchase additional standard licenses according to how many videos you intend on making.

Also, don’t forget to leave a rating or review for the author. They are so rare nowadays and it means a lot to recieve feedback from the buyer :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!



Thank you for the quick response James!! It’s sad to hear that customer feedback is rare on here… I will indeed leave ratings. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond so quickly too as I’m in a rush… I was hoping it would be something like this because I know the seller would appreciate the sales and I would appreciate getting rights to use their works to enhance my work… Thanks again!!

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