Help me choose license YouTube

Please help in choosing the right license.
I have a personal YouTube news channel, it is not for sale, regular monetization is included, access to the channel and video is free, without restrictions.

I want to buy the «Corporate News Broadcast Full Package».

I will create one final template from this project and I will use this template for all videos on the channel.
All videos on the channel are different, but there is only one template, the template will not be changed.

I ask for help, which license should I choose: «Regular»?
Or do I need to buy a new license every time for each video?

I’ll clarify: there will be one rendered template from the specified project, it will not change and it will become the final product.
This final product (virtual studio) will be used to shoot different videos.

Thanks for the help.

Hi guys!
Who understands licenses here?
Please help me sort it out!