Which license is needed to use Titles Animations project in YouTube channle videos ?

Hey guys

Recently we produced “170 Titles Animations Bundle” product:

One of our customers asked us a question. Can he uses these titles for his videos in YouTube channel for profit?

The titles will be used to many videos title on YouTube channel.

Regular or extended license is suitable for our customer?

Or he have to literally buy a license for every single YouTube video ?


Every license is for one end product. So, your customer should buy license for every single video…but, you created a template with 170 titles, i think it would be totally expensive if customer need license for every single use.
In my opinion, one extended license is enough in this case.

Thank you dear LLMotion.

We’re waiting for response from one of Envato Team members to see what we can do.

Thanks for your reply.

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