Which licence should i buy? Please some one help me plz

Hey guys i am new to this website…
i really love this adobe after effect template.

After few days i am going to start a new youtube channel.

so i want to use this template.

I didn’t know which licence should i buy. Regular or Extended?
also if i would love to know the validity of the licence.
is that for lifetime or a month?

& can i monetize my content as well?
if i use that template should i have to give special licence to my each video?

so confused.

Please someone help me.
i really appreciate it.

Thank you!

Standard licence is good only if you are using for your own, your company youtube channel

When you are monetize the content to your customer then Extended licence

Validity of licence is lifetime (not monthly basis), But it is the single use licence.

You can create work for a client with a regular license. That client can then monetize the work with a regular license. Although it does depend on your exact definition of ‘monetizing’. If it’s the general term, i.e. uploading to Youtube and turning on ads so you get the advertising revenue, then that’s fine. If you’re creating DVD’s which your client will then sell to people… that’s an extended license.

The general rule is… do people need to pay to watch/use the final product? If they do, then you need an extended license. If they don’t (as would be the case with a Youtube video - monetized or not), then a regular license is fine.