Should I buy regular license or extended license template for my intro youtube channel

Hello everyone
I am confused about license type in videohive. I want to buy a intro template for my youtube channel, i am going to use this intro for all video ( my plan is 3 videos/week), which i upload in my channel, but i don’t know kind of license i have to buy, i also make money from my channel when it catch up standard from Youtube ( 1000 subs and 4000 hours view). Someone can help me clear this problem, i already find all topic in this forum but all don’t clear this problem, thank a lot

Regular license.

Regular license is enough. But keep in mind that you can use it in your videos on your channel only 52 times per year (year begins with the publication of the first video). Therefore, if a year is not over yet, you have already uploaded 52 videos, and you want to continue uploading videos, you will need to purchase another one Standard License