What license do I need to use an "After Affects" template as part of the intro featured at the begin

I don’t understand the language used in the explanation of licenses. We are simply interested in starting a youtube channel. As you probably know, a youtube channel is a place where you make a bunch of videos for people to watch, if they watch enough a channel can become “monetized” and so on and so forth. But the end user is not charged to watch the youtube videos.

Each video will have an intro and an outro. We could end up with hundreds of videos each with intros and outros. We may or may not make money.

  1. Can the Video Wall Pack II Template AfterAffects VideoHive Envato be used in our intros? (Sorry. There are so many names that frankly I don’t know what they all are or even the actual name of what we want. So confusing.)

  2. If so, what license do we need?

  3. How many licenses would be needed?

  4. Do we buy one template, or one template for each video?

  5. Are the templates simple enough to put our own “video clips” into?

  6. Can the templates be used with any editing software? We use Hitfilm Express.

Please don’t send us anywhere. We’ve already been all over. The terminology is above our heads.