Help me about rejected item

Dear audiojunglers,
Help me to understand why the track was rejected please.

Your help is very much required.
I need your help thank you!

Lovely tune!! Cymbals is a little high and the verse hihat sounds like from a 10 $ synth. The ending piano was nice but a risky moment.

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Thank you for your advice Atlemusic. I’ll do some revisions with cymbals and hihats.

I’m thinking it was rejected because many of the instruments you are using seem pretty cheap/lower quality. Composition is good! Just needs better VSTs in my opinion.

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Thank you JackWinn. Which instruments mostly do you hear cheaper or lower quality, is it drums/percussions or other instruments like horns, whistle, synth sounds. I need your opinions. Thank you for your support.

For me the horns really stick out. Horns are really hard to use in my opinion. Even with some pretty good sample libraries, I struggle with horns! Drums are good, so no worries there.

Thank you very much for your feedback.