Help making llustrator 10 eps

After I finished illustrating my first logo, I exported it as illustrator 10 eps. And after that I reopen it to review the file, the text is converted into shape. I need help in exporting Illustrator 10 EPS format without losing any data. I use Adobe Illustrator 2020 or can I make eps in cc when upload then select adobe version as a cc. I use adobe illustrator. PLease explane.

I work in Adobe Illustrator 2020 as well. So, first of all, I make a backup of it and then save it as EPS (CC) separately and then save it as AI (CS6 or CS4). The legacy versions might expand or convert the objects into shapes. So, you can keep one updated version for the buyers.

Ok, can you please tell me which version I can upload EPS (CC) version work, or does only ILLUSTRATOR EPS 10 work please explain? Or If I want to upload adobe illustrator also which version I can upload of Ai file.

Upload an AI file in CS6 version, and an EPS file in Illustrator CC version.

EPS file in illustrator CC text should be editable or not? And Ai file is necessary? When I attach ai file in CS6 text is editable? One more thing Which minimum adobe version option do I choose when I Select graphic river. I have attached the image it should


Yes, the text should be editable and AI file is a good option for buyers. If you save AI file as CS6 version, texts should remain editable and choose “CS6” in minimum cs version when uploading.

This will work? eps in cc version and Ai file in cs6 version eps in cc version is editable and ai file in cs6 also editable and minimum cs version I choose CS6 I write everything perfect now?

Yes, this will work now and everything seems perfect!


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