Help guys. What's wrong with my tracks?


Hi guys. I get a rejection for my corporate tracks. Can you help me? I don’t understand the reasons. Thank you for any response.


First and foremost I will say, composition-wise you’re on the right track. In terms of melody, harmony
and beat, your tracks work just fine. It’s the mixing/samples that need some more work.

First track: The lead instrument (Is it a piano? is It a guitar?) is really stingy, distracting and not pleasing to the ear, and I would suggest you get rid of it completey. The other elements can use some mixing, but should be generally fine.

Second track: Needs much more work. The electric piano is too loud and upsets the sonic landscape. You could try lowering the velocity of the notes, or replacing it for a grand piano, or something that sits better on the mix. Also, that instrument at 0:34 is also very stingy and unpleasant. Remember, corporate tracks are all about pleasant and relaxing sounds!

When it comes to corporates, it can be somewhat tricky at first (particularly if it is not your forte), but try to pick a few corporates you like and replicate their sounds. Also, there are plenty of tutorials on Youtube on how to write and mix corporate music. Don’t be discouraged and keep it up!


Thank you so much.