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I found no other way on envanto to open my discontent. I have collected 16 items on Envanto, from codecanyon and themeforest. for me is big amount some items is cost more than 20$. I found that authors after some time giving up their projects. it’s already happened with me that item closed no more exists. but i pay money for that. now 4 items in my collection not updating more than 1.5-2.0 years, as well we know php not standing up, its updating. but items authors just collected money and disappeared they no longer replying any support & comments. i would like to ask envanto why they allowing to do that? Envanto should control this, at least give warning or blacklist that authors who do not care. because item which is out of dated 2 years but still displayed on envanto market means somebody can buy this plugin just to throw money. First of all i am Envanto customer, and for me i have a doubt to buy now anything from here.

So I have a handful of comments on this.

  • This is a market full of freelancers. That means authors are usually a single person (i.e. not a company). In addition, most authors don’t make much money, so their items are treated as side projects and not anything serious.

    • We shouldn’t expect a developer to continue dumping hours upon hours into an item that no longer drives any meaningful amount of income. They have bills to pay, so those hours are better spent elsewhere.
  • When you buy an item, you are guaranteed lifetime access to updates, but the keyword here is “access.” You’re not guaranteed that there will be any updates, because all items are sold as-is with the exception that bugs should be fixed within your support period and/or while the item is still up for sale.

  • At the bottom right of every item’s page on CodeCanyon, you’ll see a list of supported software. For a PHP item, you will see the PHP versions that are officially supported. You should not expect any other versions to be officially supported in the future. This is unfortunately how software usually works around the world.

  • Not everyone runs the latest software versions. There are still people on CodeCanyon who actively search for items that run on PHP 5.6. I therefore don’t believe we should be removing items that become outdated; as long as their supported PHP versions are clearly advertised, it’s fine.

If you need an item that is likely to be updated consistently for a while, you should look for the top sellers – items with thousands, if not tens of thousands of sales, from elite authors. But again, updates aren’t guaranteed and can stop at any time.

If you need an item that is guaranteed to be updated consistently over time, you’re going to need to hire a developer – either a real employee, or freelancers to work on the project over time as needed.

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