I vote for this

Yes, let’s all vote, that on Codecanyon it’s 2-3 years of automatic updates are really enough, then NO MORE!! You will need to purchase the item again to stay with the updates. Simple as that.

Why? Up to 50% of the users on items that are older than 4 years are using them incorrectly according to the license. They’ve either “moved” the plugin to another project, or used it in multiple projects without a license. Furthermore they’re always in the comments asking for free support and reviewing with 1 star when you point them out to their expired support.

So, this madness with automatic lifetime updates on Codecanyon has to stop. (period.)


Purchased date 4 years ago! Never renewed any support! We’re seriously thinking of adding plugin lockdown before any activation with a code. I think that’s against the policy at the moment, but we will not care about it, as it is a violatory term to us.

I think Envato needs to introduce a yearly billing option for items (Author’s choice per each item).

The space has evolved beyond small one-time use scripts, and there are many solutions that:

  • Are constantly evolving and being updated with new features
  • Involve long-term support as they serve businesses
  • Involve a long-term model, outlook, business plan.

In the WooCommerce niche (and I’m sure not only) all parties would benefit from this: Envato, Customers and Authors.

Envato would see higher revenue
Authors would see higher revenue + more sustainable business models + ability to support a product long-term
Businesses would get better support and more confidence in products they can rely on long-term

It would be very complicated to implement for envato, as subscrition creates the need for guaranteed features, updates, support etc.

Other marketplaces own the items on subscription, so there is a degree of manageable/guarantee for updates and support.

Envato do not own items, which means that authors can remove/stop supporting whenever they want. Even if an author continued to sell an item, enforcing guaranteed support and updates will be near on impossible.

If for some reason this happens then Envato will have to reimburse/refund anyone subscribed which is all extra costs to them that they are not able to predict or pre-empt which would be a very dangerous business decision.

I’m sure there are a lot of implementation challenges, including dealing with charges, refunds, credit cards, etc

On the other hand, it’s definitely doable. Just 2 examples I’m aware of:
-> WooCommerce.com 3rd party marketplace
-> Paddle.com (it’s not a marketplace, but they handle subscriptions for software products as resellers)

No, this is not subscription.

I know that that a subscription cannot be implemented like so, as for the mentioned problems by @charlie4282 and @WebWizardsDev and this is why Elements i born. That’s just fine.

BUT, 2-3 years tops for the lifetime/automatic updates, after it is a no. Simple as that. One clause in the policy will change. That’s not hard to implement at all anywhere, and would surely make things better for us authors, therefor for Envato too.

To add, Codecanyon and less Themeforest items are into this. Plus only the bestsellers, which are walking out from here for the same reason, are subjected to this lifetime torture. As those items are the ones usually active for longer than 3-4 years.

Please act.