Help. Contacting music author

Hello, I sent a message to a particular music author but i do not know where my messages are located on the audio jungle website.

If you sent the message from their profile page, it was simply sent to them via email on your behalf. You’ll receive their response directly to the email address on your account.

thank you for the reply -

no email was received in my inbox, its odd that a website like does not have an internal messaging system…

If you don’t receive a response from an author after several days (and you’ve checked your email’s spam folder), then you can try posting a comment on the item you’re interested in.

This will have to be done from the AudioJungle website, simply click into the music item of choice and go to the comments tab. Scroll down to the very bottom, and you will see a textbox to post your own comment (when logged in). Your message will be public, and so will the author’s response.

Thank you for the reply it has been a few days but the person has not replied

I am unable to post on the item as the item has been removed.

Item - 33760106_racing-metal_by_hemlockrecords