Watermark on Audio download after purchase

Need some immediate help with this as my submitted requests for resolution are not solving my issue.

I purchased this track audiojungle-16363253-feel-good-pop-rock-music-kit.zip When I go to download it ( and I have tried to download from more than one place) the track still has the audio watermark.

Sent in a previous request for help, that person said i need to contact the author. Don’t see how or where on your site I can do that. Isn’t this something your quality control should ensure works and not the responsibility of the author? I need some help ASAP as Christmas is coming and I am trying to get this project finished before the break. Sure would be great if you had phone support.


Are you sure, you are not downloading the preview again? Your download should be a zip file, and can be downloaded from the download tab of your dashboard.

I’m saying this because from the item name, it looks like you’ve bought a music kit and not a music track. This music kit should include several music files. So if you’ve downloaded a single track, that is most likely the preview.

If there is indeed an issue with your file, then you should indeed contact the author via the message box on their profile page.

Hope it helps!

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Hasn’t helped yet but i hope you can help me.

I am pretty sure that I am downloading what the system provides for me. I tried to attach the zip file with several cuts in it but the system wouldn’t allow it. There are several cuts of varying lengths and they all have the “Audio Jungle” ? The tech support person from Audio Jungle / Envato said I need to contact the author. I can’t for the life of my figure out how to do that. This is as close as I have gotten to trying that route,

So, it doesn’t seem to be what I thought it was. If you did download the main zip file that contains several music files and they all have the watermark, then there’s something wrong indeed.

There are two ways you can contact the author:
You can leave a comment on the item page
or You can use the message box on the author profile page (on the right sidebar)


Yea thanks Purple. I think I made it to the author’s profile page and left a detailed account of what my issue is. I will see if I can’t leave something on the “comment on the item page” link that you said too.

Just a lot of wheel spinning time, been trying to find some resolution on this issue for going on 4 days now.

Thanks for your time and effort and timely response.

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