Bought a track with watermark

I have bought a track: ,but the watermark is present in the downloaded file. I need to deliver work for a client, but I cannot present it with this track. Tried sending message to author, but no answer still…
Could it be a wrong link or something? Any way to resolve this issue immediately?

I checked the file and you’re right. Hopefully, the author gets back to you soon so they can update the file.


It needs to come from the author, there’s no other way to solve this issue?

The author will need to update the item with the correct version. But it’s possible the author may be able to send you the correct version while we are waiting for the item to be updated.

OK, thanks

Just to wrap-up and close-out this thread, the author kindly informed me that the issue was fixed and the customer was contacted. Yay! :slight_smile: