Contacting Videohive author through profile contact form

I really like projects of one Videohive author and i want to tell him that i want to cooperate with him (provide music for his projects). But will it be considered as spam if i will write him such letter via profile contact form? Of course i will not do it to every single VH author.

I always write to AJ authors “Hey, I used your audio”, but after the fact.
This is not considered spam :slightly_smiling:
Most authors are happy to collaborate so just ask them.

Ok thanks

I just don’t want to be blocked for violation the rules :smiley:

Most of hivers do not respond if you wrote using form, just ignoring

Go on then, you can send me a message if you want! My advice would be to be careful as you don’t want to get in trouble for spamming, although there’s nothing wrong with contacting individual authors if you have a specific question or proposal.

My advice would be to customise your message as much as possible, so it doesn’t come off as spam. Use their name, mention their specific items etc. I.e. if it’s a message that you could copy and paste to any number of authors then it will probably come across like that, and might be ignored.

Good luck!

Yes i want to contact only one specific author.

Jolly good! I’ll look forward to your message :wink: