Help Butterflies Vectors

Excuse my English.
We added a vector project, but it was rejected ,but I do not know what could have become.
All projects Vector they were rejected ,I think it is becoming EPS .Who can give me a link, how to do an EPS

Please help me I do not know what to do,I do not accept any vector project and do not know why

hi, unless there’s an issue of rights, i cannot identify how this beautiful vector cannot be accepted …

You think it’s a matter of rights?I tried a bunch of objects vectorized but all were rejected.

I think it’s the fault eps ,can you give me a link, how to do an EPS

i don’t know if this is … what’s for sure, this is that your illustrations are good , just check u closed all paths , otherwise, f that was a matter or format or something missing in the files u need to provide people with, u would have been soft rejected and reviewers would have told u what’s wrong …

I could send you EPS file ?I do not figure out what 's wrong , I find it ok.