Minimum requirements for vector projects

What are the minimum requirements for vectori?
For projects in photoshop i know that must be 300dpi and high resolution ,but forillustrator I do not know.
Pls help.

my project meet the requirements ,but still not accepted

So you did know the requirements for Vector projects… but you had an item rejected and decided you might have submitted it in the wrong format?

If you submit something in the wrong format, then it will probably be soft rejected and the reviewer will tell you what you need to make sure it meets the requirements. Like you didn’t include an EPS 10 version for example. Did your rejection email say anything like that? If not, then you probably got the ‘this doesn’t meet our technical or aesthetic standards’ email, or however it’s worded these days. As a result, they;re usually saying that it’s not up to the quality standards required for Graphic River.

I’m not a Vectorizer, but I’m sure somebody will pop along at some point and give you a bit of feedback on your design.

But I still do not understand what has,what to do?