Hard Rejected Vector Item

Hello, I want know why my file was rejected, please help me.

I sent the second image of this page – > https://www.behance.net/gallery/33370847/Princess-sparkilng-dress.

I don’t believe that my file is low aesthetic and technical quality.

My file is Illustrator EPS 10 compatible, 100% vector, there aren’t open shape and custom fills and brush strokes should be expanded.

Thanks for help me

It’s really looks Awesome for me. Okay. look for any open paths or any raster item in your artwork.

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Thanks Ruminated.
I may have found the problem. When I converted the file in EPS 10, the radial gradient, it’s divided into many small closed shapes, perhaps this is why Envato rejected it.
Now I have corrected the file, try to send it back.

Envato has yet hard rejected my file.
There aren’t open paths and brushes are expanded, I don’t know what else to do.

Beautiful illustration Deborah. I totally understand how you feel. In last couple of months NONE of my vectors were approved. If I add lack of sales and new tax policy, I’ll probably stop uploading here, I have 17 more stock sites which don’t reject any my illustrations.


Work is very nice … I also do not understand Hard Reject.

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Thanks kovacevic and WordicaThemes.
I also work with other sites and my files are all accepted, I don’t understand why on Envato to be rejected as well, I’m beginning to think that Envato not even look at the files we send them just refuses.

Thats very Bad.

When we convert a Ai / EPS file of higher version to a lower version, which has effects like drop shadow, gradients or any other effects may have turned into raster layers. Open Your EPS 10 File. Window>Link. You will find the raster layers.

I search raster layers with window>link, but there aren’t raster layers…

hi, if so they would reject all illustrations, and this is not what happens all the same , lots of busy still manage to have items approved but i guess that they are probably truing to lower the flow and that the fact that some guys upload much and get approved is also reducing the “available uploading positions” for all others …

i have never understood what’s the purpose to say which version this is compatible with if we have some old version and sometimes troublesome ones and that the item cannot be accepted unless we enclose it … like for logos, is that legitimate to still ask for illustrator 10 versions? i personally do not think so

Hi n2n44,
I didn’t know it. So they have a number of files to accept a day and since there are users who charge so much, they can’t accept my files because they are trying to lower the flow of approvals. I find it a bit strange.:cold_sweat:

This is info document of my eps 10 file, sorry but it’s in Italian

Tracciati: 2597 (0 aperti, 2597 chiusi, 15047 punti, lunghezza = 81747,895 mm)
Tracciati composti: 14
Trame sfumate: 6
Istanze simboli: NESSUNO
Tutti gli oggetti di testo: NESSUNO
Oggetti testo indipendente: NESSUNO
Oggetti testo in area: NESSUNO
Oggetti testo su tracciato: NESSUNO
Maschere di ritaglio: NESSUNO
Maschere di opacità: NESSUNO
Gruppi trasparenti: NESSUNO
Oggetti trasparenti: NESSUNO
Oggetti RGB: 2628
Oggetti scala di grigio: NESSUNO
Oggetti in tinta piatta: NESSUNO
Oggetti pattern: NESSUNO
Oggetti con sfumatura: 108
Oggetti pennellata: NESSUNO
Oggetti stile: NESSUNO
Immagini collegate: NESSUNO
Immagini incorporate: NESSUNO
Oggetti grafici non nativi: NESSUNO
Stili grafica:NESSUNO
Pennelli: NESSUNO
Oggetti in tinta piatta: NESSUNO
Oggetti pattern: NESSUNO
Immagini collegate: NESSUNO
Immagini incorporate: NESSUNO
Dettagli sui font: NESSUNO

davvero, non è un problema, posso parlare italiano un po , ho studiato la lingua italiana all’università durante alcuni anni , neppure, molto fa e non mi ricordo di più lol non ho avuto l’opportunità di comunicare in italiano e ho dimenticato un po …

tutto questo mi sembra essere ok, non so pecco non capisco percio i ragazzi non vogliono lasciarti upload i tuoi avori , ma ci sono volte non è facile capire la logica del controllo di qualità …

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what i tried to explain is that they have a lot of work to do and still head in order to limit the number of items, so that those that they have approved sell bait, at this time, there are so many authors, so many items that all authors (apart from some top authors) and all items are being over flooded in the GR ocean (and even buyers sometimes get lost when trying to search for items for the same matter …)

Hi n2n44,
Yes… old version is very troublesome and Envato values only EPS 10 and EPS 8 Files which i feel its not right. who uses it nowadays?

Hi Deborah Soglia,
Envato has this guidelines for Vector category Submission…

Technical Requirements

Illustrator EPS 10 compatible
Can be either RGB or CMYK
Easy to modify by the buyer
Must be 100% vector - no raster elements or effects
No open paths unless they are unfilled (i.e., strokes with no fill)
No locked objects
No hidden objects
Clean and well organized (remove stray shapes, empty layers, etc.)
Layers should be unlocked
Groups, if used, should be logical
Custom fills and brush strokes should be expanded.

Without any kind of effects our artwork will be soo soo flat.

hi buddy, well for me, we talk about a minority of buyers anyway and i think this is just having no interest at all if u ask me! some buyers do not even have a photoshop version at all anyway, i have already seen this happen once (so do we have to consider this also and have some gimp prepared items too lol) and otherwise, what is the point to ask for compatibility of apps in the first place if u have to make sure that all “sort of have an alternative” no matter what the version is all about … . People who buy are supposed to read what kind of item they buy indeed and to make sure that the item is compatible with the tools they have all the same …

@n2n44, Wow complimenti sei bravissimo! Ti ricordi ancora bene l’italiano.

My work is done by following the guidelines of Enavato, therefore don’t understand why they refuse my file is built as they want, maybe it’s because they don’t like the subject or have lots of princesses.
However I sent yesterday morning and so far I have not received anything (usually in 10/24 hours they refuse file), so it can be the good time that maybe I accept the princess.
In the box for comments to the reviewer, I wrote: if you refuse again my file, please tell me where is the error so I can correct it.

@n2n44 With this whole conspiracy theory I can agree with only one - most low quality and accepted works are from so-called elite authors. They probably spend less time to check their work.

oggi , davvero , è più facile per leggere ma mi piace molto questa lingua e sono content potere parlare , magari può aiutarmi non dimenticare tutto lol

as for rejections, u have to understand that this is not always easy to understand the guidelines here and try as u might sometimes this is difficult to understand some hard rejections and that , by extension, some look like inconsistencies sometimes , every one’s human and there’s no perfect system. I also tend to consider that there’s an artistic dimension in what we do and as long as this is such, u have matters of tastes getting into the mix , maybe this is your real problem indeed … i am not sure