Rejected. Need help !!!

Hi ! Have hard reject (quality standard required), but quality team dont tell me my mistakes. It is - simple vector. Shadows - meshes.
I’m on the microstocks for 9 years (more than 1 year on GR) and really do not understand why there can be a reject to this items.
Could you help me, please?

I sent this items second time, changing the description and keywords. Anyway, failure. Standard reject “we found it is not at the quality standard required”. What is the problem? Tell me please!

There are no technical errors - this is the simplest vector. Commercial value is as these products are sold well on other microstocks.
I want to understand why these products are not suitable for Graphicriver !
Perhaps there is something I do not understand, although I read all the tutorials for vectors on Envato.
Help me please !!!

I think it’s a good item. Can’t understand what the reason. It’s weird

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Is it one item? It seems a strange match to put those 2 together as they have different usage. But then maybe a bigger set offering different options might be seen as more useful and approved, for example a set with all different seasons maybe. Generally I find that they only accept really good vector items here, vectors that are approved on other stock sites are often rejected here.

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Thanks for your feedback ! Of course, these are two different products.

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