Vector hard rejected. Really not sure what's wrong. :(

The first item I ever uploaded to GraphicRiver was accepted after some tweaks, then I uploaded 7 items that were hard rejected. I asked for help in the forums and got none, got discouraged, and left for four months. They were kind of simplistic so eventually I figured maybe something more complex and unique would work. I uploaded this and it was hard rejected. I actually initially uploaded it to “graphics” instead of vectors and got a rejection with a note that I should upload it to “vectors”, which was encouraging. I did and it was hard rejected within 24 hours. ANY thoughts on what the heck is wrong with it would be awesome because I’m totally at a loss and really frustrated.

Looks good

Hey, nice work and innovative. I would blame the reviewers, either they are not professionals or not serious in carrying out their jobs properly. I also have the same problem, got it rejected without any valid reason. Just have a look at my work (all vectors resizable) attached and decide whether am right or wrong.