The quality standard required

Hi, somebody could say me why exactly this vector art were rejected?
This is a simple art made in illustrator. There are a plenty of this type of vector in Envato, is this the problem?


Ask your reviewer

why so many people are asking here this kind of questions?

maybe this item was rejected because there nothing inside the box ? :slight_smile: hehe

but seriously - this looks like free item from other market, it’s my opinion and my only.


@Novocaina is right.

This art work is too basic, simple, and boring. It will not be approved for sale these days.

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Thanks! Know this is better than know nothing! :slightly_smiling_face:

LOOOOOOOOL why they ask here?! because they are told to come here in the hard rejection message! (but obviously u do not know because u never get hard rejected, as the legend goes …) and why they do not open a ticket instead?! because they are told by the help center that they cannot help for these matters, that they cannot do anything about it!!! (welcome to a vicious circle really well organized so that people have nothing to do … welcome to a system with almighty gods knowing universal knowledges and that can never fail LOL too bad that continuous incoherences show the other way around …) so what are they supposed to do if they cannot post here and ask what is going on!!!

besides, if u do not like these posts u can also ignore them, no one is asking u toanswer to all and come to look down at anyone posting their rejected things

is that compulsory for people to act like this? the guy is looking for help , not to get humiliated publicly and told that what is doing is the worst thing in the world , when this is not … u may not like it, this may not be perfect , but this is not as much a daub as u are saying …

u are very polite to say the least, because i quite fail to understand why u ave to thank people who answered this far … and what u learnt from this bunch of non constructive criticism … what u did is a style , u took the option to make a closed box and some people can need it , not all people look for opened ones, and i know what i am talking about because it happened to me in the past … honestly i personally have no idea of what is the reason for the rejection but somethign is for sure, this is that u could take your illustration to the next level by making it a bit more realistic again and credible again … all the ribbons and so on do not have shadows while the box cover has one , in addition the white edge on the left edge is too pale and this should rather be pale yello in my view so that it looks more realistic as well as more harmonious

calm down :slight_smile: I got hard rejection twice maybe.

You know what I did? I put my hard rejected item in some place on my hard drive, after 2 months I uploaded this item again (made few little changes) - and got approved.

That’s why this kind of questions on the forum are going nowhere :slight_smile:

Peace! :slight_smile:

And PS. I have lack of hard rejections because after my work is done I look at my work like customer… Will I pay for my work? if yes it is uploaded, if not it is not uploaded - believe me I made more hard rejections for myself when I was about to upload :slight_smile: I am not perfect, if I think my work is not good for me I never upload, and I have hundrets of them on my laptop :slight_smile:

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and u think this is acceptable? i know a lot of people who did this … good for them that the thing got through in the end, for me this is not problem , they have been lucky , cool … but let’s face it, now this basically means that the reviewing system is just completely inefficient and based on nothing but personal tastes and determined policy of favoring some styles over some others …

can u believe that they managed to try to hard reject a design of mine that they had accepted as a flyer, cd cover and ticket - and sold well in all formats - and they had hard rejected as a ID badge?! well they did !

they also managed to hard reject some facebook cover in keeping with a flyer i had made with teh same design?! well they did too!

then, i am sorry if i am a bit showing some biting irony sometimes but i am starting to feel really sick and tired of this system full of incoherence and unfairness where no one wants to be told anything so that the thing looks finally better and looks most importantly “fair” in the end …

we are supposed to take all peacefully and so on , even to have our items trashed in a second, but no one here can consider trying to get rid of at least a part of these super numerous enormous flaws that are embodying this system! this sounds logical to u?! well for me , not at all

finally , u are right imposing some pressure on ourselves to take us to the next level is somewhat necessary , though , when u do, and teh result is satisfying and that u get your works thrashed, this makes people really nervous indeed and rightfully so.

However about the theory of doing as if u are the customer, let me tell u , very friendly buddy, this is just an illusion , how can u do just that accurately?! there are as many expectations as people buying … people do not have the same reasons to buy, the same kind of business, the same style and the same tastes and expectations and tehy do not come from teh same countries and cultures, this is impossible, this thing is proved by actual test on a daily basis … take a look at the wild range of things created and there are spaces for all these styles, what happened until now is showing just this …

damn man - you really need some rest :slight_smile:

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