Help! Build an amazon review exchange CMS

Hi everyone.I’m looking for someone to help building an amazon review exchange system.A website where:

  1. seller can submit their great amazon deals with coupon code
    2.reviewer can get free or deeply discount product display on the frontend

in the first edition I may just call for the basic function: seller–deals–reviewer.
Perhaps the biggest challenge is how to use amazon API I think(sellers submit an ASIN and we could get the product info,reviewers register and we can verify their amazon account), if you have some experience in CMS that would be much better.

how do you think about this project?
if you have any advice please let me know, any suggestion would be much appreciated,thank you.


Can you tell me what budget you have for this project?
Because this will not be 2 weeks of job and install template. There is plenty custom work.


Hi Zaccc, I’ve sent an email to you, thank you!