Authors poll for my new project


I’m building an automatic match and swap tool for sellers in many marketplaces such as envato, Amazon, eBay, Fiverr, AirBnB and more…
I wonder if you guys can answer a question that will help me greatly to prepare my project:

Imagine you are looking at an item you really want on Amazon (or Etsy, eBay etc… ) This item costs about the same as you sell one of your items. Will you prefer to give your item for free in exchange for the item you want from Amazon for free, rather than buying it as usual?

Thanks in advance everyone

hi what do u mean , exchanging? like a art trade?

I mean, for example. that you will give your item and get a coupon for 100% discount on the product you wish to buy.

oh ok, so , sorry to say just that , but for me the answer would be no … do not get me wrong i do not say the idea is not good … not at all , but as for me i am not in over consumerism and the money that i get from here i use to pay for the credit of he apartment that my wife and i bought …

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