Envato "secondhand" market?


Would it even be possible? I have 2 themes and few plugins that I know I will never use, total value over 300 USD. Just wondering would it be possible to resell them for half the price or trade themes with other users or something?


This is definitely not possible! The license does not allow you to resell them . This right belongs exclusively to the item’s author.


What’s the difference of a “secondhand” item and it’s “firsthand” version? Technically none. It’s not something you can compare with physical items with wear and tear.


Ha Ha!
And how do you now if it’s never used? :smiling_imp:


Unbelievable… Totally Unbelievable.


Better to find clients where you can make use of those themes.


I have a great idea for you.
If I were you, I would wait for a while until all of our items’ prices cut down to $1.
Then, open your own marketplace and sell those items for $0.5

Each month you can drink free coffee ; not bad.


Heh, so used to developing for myself, didn’t even cross my mind to setup for a client for a profit :slight_smile:


I don’t think comedy is your cup of tea, better stick to coding…


Come on, ak47marx asked a simple question with a simple answer, no need to get offended :wink:


:smiley: :wink:


lol funny one ,a bit aggressive in terms of style but quite illustrating what problems are for authors at this time …


this is very relevant indeed , good idea


hi, try to imagine if anything like this was possible, then sales would decrease again … not to mention that possibilities to cheat authors would increase gamely , and believe me there’s no need for this at this time … there are enough of al these sites and so on and authors have way enough problems too