Can 1 item sold by 2 authors? Please help to save my item copyright

Hey guys, i hope you will help me out about this issue, my item is - selling by me on wrapbootstrap. someone cheat with me and how easily sell my item here -

Is can anyone sell items created by other authors, this item also sold 48 times at price of $16, 48X8 = $384 is already earned from my item by this cheater. i want this money because this item is created by me with hard and this cheater just make minor color and position changes and sell on themeforest.

Thank you guys and i hope themeforest will send me my money $384.

Just check out these resources:

We had a smiliar issue when one of our buyer sold our plugin on an other platform and Envato was very fast to fix that by blocking that user on Envatos Marketplace.

Thank you mate, you’re really great man who always want to help peoples. Thank you very much! :slight_smile: