Another question about copyrights



I posted in other topic but didn’t get answer.

1, why the autor sell theme 29$-69$? weird, cause if take this theme,
customize to my client need i can charge X10 much higer?! no logic
here…weird…what he earn from sell the theme so cheap? after

i see themes on [Removed] people SELL theme after buying from envato, etc…
IT’S OK TO DO IT ALSO?if i buy theme from envato, change colors, logos, layout, and
it’s look differnet from the original, i can PUT the theme for sale by
differnet name? (not in envato) like [Removed]?


While I think even the more expensive themes are FAR too cheap - the theory is that authors can sell the theme multiple times which adds up.

Buyers need to buy a new copy for every project.

No you cannot just restyle a theme and sell it on anywhere. I’m sure there are examples of people doing this but it doesn’t make it legal or right.