How to start an AMAZON review exchange CMS?

hi there
I’m going to start an amazon review exchange project. It is a website where:

  1. seller can submit their great amazon deals with coupon code
    2.reviewer can get free or deeply discount product(registered and verified reviewer can see the coupon code and they shall submit their review after delivery) display on the frontend(deals has a specific category and life cycle)

I’m a little confused about how to start it, shall I use wordpress as it is exactly a CMS?
If I use wordpress ,that means I need to have someone help creating a plugin right?Or shall I look for someone to do a new CMS,Which should be better?

if you have any advice please let me know, any suggestion would be much appreciated,thank you.

Hye Lucky,

It seems like a nice project but it does require some specific functionalities.
I do specialize on Niche Based sites, with also owning a custom plugin for amazon and alixpress dropshipping.

I can really help you if you need at