Looking for a easy WordPress template to sell amazon products

Hey! I am currently selling some products on Amazon (ones that I’ve manufactured), And I need to build a simple website that shows my products and lets people click “buy on amazon” and send them directly to my amazon page. I have some experience in Wordpress, so that’s no problem, but the biggest thing I’m looking for is a complete website template that is ALREADY DONE. I believe WooCommerce is the best option for me and def want to stick with Wordpress. There is a lot of options out there, and they all have a million customizable options, but I don’t want all that work. I’m looking for a drag and drop, option. Super simple. I only have 8 products, so it doesn’t need to be a big crazy site. super simple, premade theme is what im looking for. Can you help me? Thanks!

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For that you need woocommerce and some custom code to put button for Amazon. For 8 products I don’t see purpose to install some plugins which will import items from Amazon to Woo.

Maybe this will help you

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Unfortunately there is no turnkey systems on Market or they are tenth of grands. You don’t have to afraid of WooCommerce plugin. Anyway u will be forced to manage your own store unless you will generate enough income to hire store manager. You should setup all its settings and being able to control it on the daily basis. Otherwise you have to hire a manager to manage all that staff, but the guy will be very expensive. So, there is only way to learn one time the simple rules, use them and after couple of weeks you will just forget that stupid childish fears and start enjoy freedom of free market. WooCommerce has that module for amazon affiliate program. Then you will need the Theme. That also ready. Calls Twenty Ninety - free of charge. Yepp, that seams annoying at the beginning, but as I said there is necessary sacrifice at the beginning to be eligible for your personal freedom. Choice is always yours.

Have a look at this theme -