Hello world. First hard reject with WordPress theme

Hi. We’ve uploaded our first theme to Theme Forest and got a hard reject after almost a month of moderation. I’m glad to hear any suggestions or comments about this theme:

  1. Why it rejected?
  2. How to solve this?

Preview — http://modern-bauhaus.1lb.site

The theme called Modern Bauhaus. Minimalistic theme for bloggers focused on content (their text) and longreads, not on sliders, animations and other stuff. The theme based on _s starter template and builded with modern instruments such as Bootstrap, Less, Bower, Grunt. All code and functions inside well documented (PHP Doc). And yes, I read WordPress Theme Submission Requirements multiple times and all looks ok.

Design could be the reason of hard rejection not coding. It doesn’t look like premium theme. Please have a look at some of the best selling items out there for reference.

Typography doesn’t seem to be working out

For sure the design it’s the issue. I can understand your point of fast and light …but it should be appealing too…and sorry to say yours still is not there. Good luck and don’t stop improving it!

Hm. Could you write more about your point with Fonts? Right now the theme uses solid and bold fonts which also uses in Twenty Sixteen WordPress official theme which have millions of downloads. I understand what fonts is not only font - it’s their sizes, line-height, ratios, margins… But looks pretty isn’t it?

Thank you for your reply :slightly_smiling:! Yes, I can understand that many people will say that it is ugly design. Its not looks like Google Material design or design from Apple. Bauhaus is a little clumsy (rough) style.

It’s not ugly! But you still have to give it a finish look.

Hi, you are selling a premium theme. You don’t have to compare with Twenty Sixteen. It’s totally free with millions of downloads :smiley:
Moreover, before reaching to the market, you should prove to reviewers that you are creating a great theme in the market.

just a free theme, you need a premium design

And I would say something like this. Do not try to improve it ,improve it and improved … - make some changes and sell it on other markets and make a new one here. I’m earning few hundreds on hard and soft rejected themes here.

Why … because right now waiting for review is about 3 weeks. So let say You got 5 hard rejects - it’s almost a half of year. Let say you sell 20 of them after approve (avg salles for wordpress for - non standard design, no advertise, no remarketing base in Adwords ) … so You earn in 6 months about 20x15$ /6 with “good Taxes” … its about 50$ per month and the end, your item goes on second page of results and You have no sales at all.

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Where else do you sell your themes?

Sorry but I can’t say it here - moderators will ban me for that :slight_smile: But there are few pages.

Thank you for your opinion! :slight_smile: I see that many themes support different plugins. What plugins would you recommend to support?

Thank you. I trying to improve the design. Maybe its better before releasing WordPress theme try to sell PSD templates and if moderation approved, then start develop WordPress version?

I can agree with it but also don’t :slight_smile: Millions (active installs, not just downloads) means what people love this design and want use it and love this simply and minimalistic style without sliders and other garbage. Themes created for people, not for moderators or “looks like premium”.

Everybody has own mind, I don’t force you have the same idea with me, it will be terrible.
Just sharing my thought. At least I have earned money from ThemeForest and got much both hard & soft rejections.
I understand the rule that I’ve followed 2 years.