HAWWK claiming copyright on music I bought from AudioJungle - used on YouTube

Hello I purchased the track “This Happy” from Audio Jungle 2/26/2020

I use this on my YouTube channel when I speed up my content or do not have audio on certain segments.

I was told by YouTube that this music was in violation and my video was demonetized? I am confused why this happened and want to make sure moving forward I can use this still?? Here are my purchase details…

This Happy
Music Standard License

Here was the claim
Copyright owners
HAAWK for a 3rd Party
On behalf of: 331
Happy Bright Music

Please let me know how I should proceed with this content? Any assistance would be appreciated.


If you have received a copyright notice on your Youtube video, don’t worry. Just click on the link below and select “Release a HAAWK Claim on a video”, then enter the link to your video, your name, email, and copy and paste your license information in the “Additional Message” part of the form. The claim should be released within just a few hours after you click SUBMIT. Link: Whitelist — HAAWK

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