Have to a unique prefix function name for the theme framework too?!

Our theme included Redux and Unyson Frameworks. Today, we got soft reject on this tip:

  1. Please use a unique prefix for all function names, custom images sizes, classes, constants, hooks, public/global variables, and database entries to avoid conflict issues with plugins and other themes. Ref: http://themereview.co/prefix-all-the-things/

Is it mean we have to rename all functions to use a unique prefix for redux and unyson frameworks? to make it’s name same with theme’s name?

Please advice?

Thanks in Advances

Can you show me an example of your currenct function declarations?

Have a look into the PSR standards for PHP: http://www.php-fig.org/psr/psr-1/

With an given screenshot or code snippet of your functions I could tell you how to do it right. :blush:

thanks for your attention but please focus on my question about have to use a unique prefix for Redux and Unyson Frameworks [ in my theme ] or not?! we use a unique prefix for all my theme functions, class, variables…,same as themename. It is starting with themename_ and look like this themename_function_name(){…}

I think many themes / authors use redux and unyson in their item. So we need clear about this


Well as far as the rejection tells us it means that your theme or plugin related code must have unique names on the beginning to avoid issues with other functions but when you’re using an unique prefix for the functions like you told me it should be fine and I can’t imagine any other reason so far.

hi, thank for your message but you dont talk about my question. Lets me explain few words: i using an unique prefix for theme function, it look like themename_function_name(){…}. Also we included Unyson + Redux Framework into my theme folder. Reviewer give us a soft reject base on request to use an unique prefix and he show us a sample http://envato.d.pr/co787D4 from Unyson folder.

So my question is: we have to convert Unyson Framwork + Redux Framework to use them with my theme ?