What does mean this review? I don't know

Hi Guys, I have received this review of my wordpress theme

Please use a unique prefix for all function names, custom images sizes, classes, CONSTANTS, hooks, public/global variables, and database entries to avoid conflict issues with plugins and other themes. For example, themename_ OR frameworkname_

- Read more at http://themereview.co/prefix-all-the-things/ 
- You can have frameworkname_ if you are using a framework while using themename_ for your themes.

For examples and there are more: https://redpen.io/znd388afdf37034c7e

that code https://redpen.io/znd388afdf37034c7e is of my header.php. but I am not using global variables, my function has the name of my theme (I put theme_option(‘option’) just to show you),

the only thing I can imagine is that they want my variables with prefix, is it? but, it is not a exageration to put all the variables with prefix?

I am using a framework, 3th party files, etc, and there are literally thousands of variables, so, why do I need to put prefix for all?

I thing it is a exageration from the reviewer, those are just normal variables with local scope, or can you see another thing wrong in that piece of code?


The variables $onepage, $feedburner, $feedurl look like they’re in the global space so you need to prefix those as well. For example: $themename_onepage, $themename_feedburner, $themename_feedurl.