Soft Reject . Need Help!

  1. A unique prefix must be used for all function names, classes, hooks, public/global variables, action/filter hooks, custom image sizes, constants, database entries, theme-specific scripts and theme-specific styles to avoid conflicts with plugins and other themes.

Prefixes should consist of either themename_, authorname_ or frameworkname_. While multiple prefixes are allowed (theme-specific, framework and external PHP libraries), they must be consistent, at least three characters, and unique (ie not using a common term such as ‘seo’). For more information, refer to Prefix all the things article:

  • Third-Party Scripts

Third-party scripts/styles must not be prefixed or suffixed to avoid double loading. For more reference, follow this github link:

  • Reserved Prefixes

The wp_ prefix is reserved for WordPress core functionality and must not be used by a theme. Prefixes must never begin with an underscore or hyphen.

Example(s): and many more.

Is the reviewer telling to prefix fonts also?

Read description carefully. Answer is here already :wink:

@LockThemes I am not getting it. Can you please tell ?

@rarethemes is this the same theme you have been requesting soft rejection feedback on since November last year? How many rejections has that been? It seems like a crazy number of threads??

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Probably 30+ :smiley:

I’m quite surprised that reviewers allow it after 3-5 attempts, as (with respect) if that is the case then it comes across like quite a lot of it relies on help and carrying by other authors.

It’s more than 12 soft rejection :cry::cry::cry:

In which case I think you have been very lucky to be able to keep submitting it.

I would strongly suggest that you take excessive time to review absolutely everything they have ever feedback on again before resubmitting it. A constant stream of threads comes across like you may be rushing and only addressing minimal amounts each time.

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@charlie4282 I am only 15 years old and this is the first time I am creating a Wordpress theme. That’s why I am asking many helps in Community. Sorry :neutral_face: for creating crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: topics and many thanks to the people on this wonderful community

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You know that people under 18 are not allowed to be members.

You will need to be very careful how you manage the account, any potential earnings and who the account is registered as.

Yes I know I will upload in my brother’s account he is an html template author