hard rejections

hard rejected 6 times…learning day by day…please guide me what should i focus on more to make my object worth of audio jungle

You need to learn “musical theory”. Start with the chords.

seriously bro?
which note of the 5 track was out of theory…i have used basic major chords with keyboard…like c , f ,am ,g …


I don’t know what about the logos, but your track “inspiring corporate” is obviously needs better composition/ arrangement/ instruments. Because it sounds like midi. But this is only my opinion.
And it may sound trite and not new, but to improve this, you need to listen more music from top-authors here to understand what kind of music is fine.

Good luck!

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ok…thank u very much…does midi mean i need to change velocity of the each notes?

This is not only the volume of notes. Look for the lessons about the mixing on YouTube.