Hard rejection

Friends, tell me where and how to move from this point… I have now about all the similar tracks that I am learning to make in the jungle… Today again reject hard refusal… quality standards do not fit… I have one or two tracks a month I do, well, or I try to play jungle… well, I’m a little worried, while they check, I go in anticipation, and then just sadness… but the thing is different, if the track was good, they would have accepted it, so I didn’t catch up in something … although it seemed to me that there was nothing wrong with the mix, there were no overloads … and there … Yes, it’s boring, but it’s monotonous, but that’s not the point, there are more boring tracks, and different tasks …
They bought a track from me for thirty dollars … and in all respects - in my opinion - worse, just a lot … but it was accepted more than mudo … and even sold out …

In general, I ask for help again, I really really want to learn how to do it for jungle…
here is a link to the track that was rejected as not conforming to the standards…

Спасбо большое за советы, буду очень признателен

Hi Oleh,

This track sounds too robotic and monotonous to me. There’s zero development.

My advice is to listen to some of the best-sellers here to get an idea what the customers (and the reviewers) expect from the authors.

Best of luck!

If it’s not difficult for you, throw a couple of links to the track that will serve as a guide for me …

Please tell me how to add dynamics to the track? what tricks to use? It’s hard for me to guess

Here’s a list of some of the most popular tracks currently.

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I totally agree with @Soundset …The best way to get better at this is to set this tune aside and make more! Listen to popular tunes on AJ, try to recreate the sounds and song structure, but do not get lost on this one song trying to edit it over and over, that is a rabbit hole that will frustrate you forever. Instead, make new music, you’ll get better after making more and more songs, that is the best way to get better!

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I’d also add that the sound quality needs a little work. The instruments sound very synthetic, especially the drums. Work on the mix and mastering. If you do a search on youtube for ‘mixing audio’ and ‘mastering audio’ there are hundreds of tutorials. You have the basics down, but you need to add a little more depth to the sound. it’s not far off though.

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