4 Hard Reject in 1 day (closed)

Hello! I’m new to audio jungle. I uploaded 4 different tracks, at different times. After 15 days came a hard refusal on each of the tracks at one time. The comment is: “This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”
What does it mean? I need your help and advice.
Peview my tracks

General impression is that they are very repetitive and the programming is very robotic sounding. It’s easy to tell that they are MIDI generated tracks and you really want to avoid that here as much as possible (although people do get away with it for sure).

I thought ‘Holiday’ was the strongest of the bunch, but even still it was quite repetitive and the mix/master was maybe a little harsh?

You’ve definitely got chops but I think if you listen to what is being accepted here and compose for the marketplace you’ll have better chance of getting accepted!

Thanks for the feedback. I use live electro guitar on some tracks. In the track ‘Holiday’ all the guitars are recorded live. Maybe the mix is ​​pinched, but on the audiojungle there are a lot of overcompressed works.

Yeah I thought the guitars sounded quite good on it. It’s really just that none of the pieces really “fit into” the AJ style if you know what I mean? There is a certain sound/style of composition here, call it “commercial viability” if you want. These pieces would probably be accepted to other places which is what I would do with them and try and write some more stuff that is more suited to the AJ market place.

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Thank you, I understand what you are talking about. I will try to make such music.