Hard rejection submit after soft rejection? Why is this?


I’ve submitted a WordPress theme, and the first time it was soft rejected. The reason was to work more on its appearance, and then resubmit.

So, I did that. Spend almost a most redesigning the entire theme, then resubmitted. This time, the theme is hard rejected!

What’s going on? Why is that improved design resulted in a hard rejection?

I bet the reviewer didn’t even bother to install the theme the first time. It was queued for 20 days, and then he/she just sent me a screenshot of my own demo website, and a message that no one could understand.

I don’t think they care zero about the time and effort we put into these. It was perfectly okay to hard reject it at the first place, but I had to spend another month and the get it rejected.

Congratulation Envato. Doing your best.

i checked your theme…i think it’s quite difficult to understand. it’s less user friendly so maybe that’s the reason…any way don’t worry and do your best

Hi. Do you mean that it’s even worse than the old version ( don’t mind the menu, it’s broken temporarily)? They could simply hard reject it so i don’t spend about another month redesigning it for nothing. It appears that your item was rejected too.

I see some themes that are made of a lightbox and a comment form and they are approved…

Edit: wrong reply sorry

Typography really needs a lot of work

Footer could be improved and social icons oversized

As per previous feedback I think you are still focusing too much on practicality over execution

I doubt if it was rejected because of visuals. If it was, it would get another soft reject.

What I think is that the first reviewer didn’t even bother trying the theme, since he/she just sent me an screenshot of my own demo site.

I actually moved to MojoMarket. It seems they have a decent review team. I suggest you take a look into it too :slight_smile:

ya…i also think that…mojomarket is good then themeforest in review system…but themeforest give better sells then mojomarket…:confused::expressionless: