Hard rejection reasons

Hello. I would appreciate it if other Audiojungle sellers could take a listen to this and let me know what’s wrong with it because it got a hard-reject. You can listen to it here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/sb8v12g0pcv7utn/dance%20pop.mp3?dl=0

Hello! Although I don’t really like the electronics genre and I don’t understand it very well, but I think and hear that the track sounds a bit outdated and not modern. Try to pick up more modern tools, also listen to the top tracks in the electronics genre here to more clearly understand what the problem is. https://audiojungle.net/category/music/electronica?sort=sales
My thoughts.
Good luck!

Hey nice track! I do feel that it is a bit repetitive though. Perhaps you could implement some smooth transitions instead of going directly to a new instrument layer.