Hard rejection... Would love some feedback !

Hi guys,

The following track was rejected in Electronica :

Being more of a Rock’N’Roll type of guy, I’m not really able to understand what’s wrong with this song.

I’d be super grateful to read any tips / suggestions that you might have !

Thanks In advance,


Hello! I’m not very strong in the genre of electronic (for some reason I first thought it was a rock- electronica, but since I didn’t hear the sound of a real electric guitar here, I decided that it’s just 80s- electronic), in my opinion your composition is not commercial, it sounds outdated, gain experience, listen to the top tracks in the same genre here!
Good luck!

sorry, but the lead and melody is too boring for me, the one at start and the break one, the part at 1:14 is much much better! also the lead is too loud and everything else, is lost in the mix. not punchy or in your face drums. also very unexcpected and sudden ending. don’t get me wrong, we all create some bad melodies :smiley:
hope this is constructive!

Isn’t that the point of stock music ? And even more for electronica ?

What you mean that someone will prefer a boring vs an energetic and happy? I also don’t think that music is meant to be boring… especially in a market place like this. This isn’t a game! :smiley:
you have to work hard if you want this to make a living, or be a passive income. Things will always change and evolve and you have to keep up with it. Everyone should be aware of what they are aiming.

Also sorry for the word “boring” , sometimes I don’t now words in English. I mean its weak melody, and not catchy. Hope this is constructive

I found the dub step (hope that the right term) a bit disconcerting to my ears when using headphones. Not sure if it’s a timing issue.