Hard-Rejection, PSD Template

Hi there.

I got hard-rejection for my PSD Template and I would be grateful for your advice. I understand that it is difficult to guess the reason for any rejection, but I am sure there are authors who can give me useful tips.

Here is a list of pages:

Hi there:

Your design is basic problem with typography, spacing, colors, etc your need learning more psd for approved sell themeforest, regards.

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You’ve chosen good photos. But you should to add more details to your design. Try to improve the typography and check that elements are correctly aligned.


Thanks for your answer.

Thank you! I will definitely do that.

@ober-art your design need more spaces

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@AbdelhakStudio could I ask you about a simple example, if you don’t mind? Spaces where?

@ober-art spaces in every page and you could increase the font-size

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@AbdelhakStudio Thank you very much! :+1: