Psd template was hard rejected


Hello. My name is Kate. I’ve sent the PSD template on Themeforest and got the hard reject. Is anybody can help me to understand what wrong with it? Thank you all in advance.


It is nice. I don’t see any typography or spacing issues, it is obvious that you know design and design trends. Only thing that I would change is to have smaller space between “john anderson” and list with “age phone etc”. and one or two rows of text less below “hello”.

Maybe width of document is not standard (or it is just cropped like that for preview). I would use standard width 1170px. Maybe there should be few more pages or features (I’m not familiar with this kind of templates, you should check other similar style templates for this).

And sure it is important that it is not too much “borrowed” style from other template, you know what I mean…

What was rejection message?


Thank you very much! The template was hard rejected without any comments. That’s why it’s hard to understand where i was wrong and what mistakes was made.