Hard Rejection is my 2nd name I guess


It’s me again. With some hard rejected track, again. So, here it is, I will be thankful for some feedback.
Why it didn’t make it? IMO maybe 2nd lead small pitch automation was mistake and sound…detuned?
Too much bass?

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  1. Kick is difficult to read in the mix.
  2. Hats “look like a broom” and this is not pleasant a little annoying hearing.
  3. In my opinion the track itself sounds obsolete .
  4. Clap is allocated from the total mass. I would add reverb to it. Or made a little quieter, or made not so sharp.
  5. Guitars are too harsh at high frequencies. This concerns the intro.
    But, I liked the mood of the track.
    Good Luck!

Thanks a lot! I should ask this at the begining, beside that guitars are too harsh, are they “realistic”? Does it feels like computer play it? Or melody, is it made for guitar or rather awkward to play? Im not guitarist and I tried something different, all guitars are simulators played on midi keyboard.

No, they are not realistic.

I think you could switch the guitars to some cool synth sounds with a bit more life. Although non-realistic guitars are often used in electronic music (going for that robotic sound), I think the leads need a bit more life here.

I do think it’s a cool track!

A real guitar is easy to distinguish from not real, listen to top tracks! I think the difference is obvious! :slight_smile: There’s a rock genre, but the real guitar is one for all genres! :slight_smile:

Well I know I can’t make guitar to compare with top rock tracks, I was trying to get close to EDM (whoever use that type of guitars in EDM though).

To achieve something, you always need to improve and “devour” knowledge, and also try to do better than top tracks! I hope this will help you in future!

It is definitely possible to create convincing and realistic guitar tracks (even rock) with virtual instruments, but it takes A LOT of work. It’s quite difficult if you’re not a guitarist yourself.

A beginner might play the lead electric guitar like in your track, but a more experienced player would vary the sound much, much more. And don’t forget about vibrato! You need grace notes, slide in, slide out, vibrato, vibrato, vibrato, hammer-ons, pull-offs.

A guitar is an incredibly expressive instrument with hundreds of articulations. If the goal is a realistic sound, and you don’t play yourself, you need to at least study guitar players and see what they’re doing. Look up videos on YouTube and take notes.