Hard Rejection - I need feedback

Hi everyone,

Thank you for taking the time to look at my theme. Yesterday I received a mail saying that envato rejected my theme submission. Can you please have a look at some of the demos and tell me what areas do you think I can improve in order to meet the requirements?

I have read all the articles on the topic of theme submission and:

  • there are no html and css errors from the theme (there are some from the plugins) and no code errors
  • the Theme Check plugin returns no warnings, except for using the function to add a page on the Dashboard, but I use it just to show theme update notifications, the theme options are in the WordPress Customizer.

My conclusion is that there are problems with the design. Any feedback will be appreciated.

Also maybe a stupid question but I plan on full revision of the theme, but I like the name I chose, if I re-submit it later with the same name will it be rejected if they think I am submitting the same theme again?

There are 8 demos but here are links to 4 of them:

Thank you!
Fort Pandemonium

You have done a great job with this template, but the design isn’t good enough. If you are a developer and not a designer then my advice to you would be to find a teammate, who can help you to deal with all your UI design work. Good luck.

Navigation is strange aligned

The hover text is low contrast


Social icons are not center aligned

There are a lot of space between text blocks and I think that typography is too large

Thank you so much for the constructive feedback. I’ve decided to revise the design of the whole theme and your advice is greatly appreciated.

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