Hard rejection for very specific PR template

Hey guys, just got a hard reject on my first attempt. The explanation wasn’t really accurate. I’d love to get some feedback :slight_smile:

Here’s the preview: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14yH9GFN3eJNxVCLEJPU8E6_3-Vtvi2zi

It’s a PREMIERE PRO template. Not an After Effects template. There are only 5 other “call out” products in the Premiere Pro section. Should I work more on the design? Should I try to resubmit it and explain it is a Premiere template?

I know being disappointed won’t change anything. But I still am. :joy: I spent days searching for a product that would really be useful. I can’t believe there’s too much competition for it.

I have an older account with 3 approved songs on AudioJungle. Do you think I would have better chances using an older account?

Thanks in advance!

The work goes very well with the music but Its still simple work and the site has many like it. My tip to you, you need to make something more complex in the design, video editing, techniques and other aspects. You need to be very professional these days to get your works approved

Good Luck

Hi. It has nothing to do with the accounts you mentioned. Your work looks nice, but call outs are very simple, very basic about design. If I were you, I would make them with a much thinner stroke, but adding more details to the animation and design of every call out. That could be more interesting for customers I guess. And really you have to fight against many many works like this that already exist on videohive. Maybe you should try to watch them for inspiration.
Good luck! :+1:

Hello. Looks good, but simple. Looking for some new trending color, maybe gradient or another solution, because that looks in strong gray colors. And make animations some smooth and slower)

Those are very kind reviews.

Thanks for taking your time to write it!
I will put more time and effort to improve the design. I thought it would be easier to get approved given that it’s a premiere template and there aren’t so many right now.

Thank you guys!


You are welcome