Got Rejected, Feedback Please !!

I have got a hard rejection email yesterday for this title template,
I didn’t understand what the wrong in here,
Can you give me some feedback why my template is rejected ??


I’m not a videohive master but in my opinion the IN/OUT animations are too basic, simple and boring.

You can take a look at some approved templates and learn from there how to bundle good animations in catchy compositions.

Good Luck!

Hello, this music so good.
Can you lead me to the link? I’d like to create a slideshow with this music.

By the way, your works is close with approval.
Just need more variation each other, use better color combination.

Thank you,

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Thanks for your opinions, I will try next time.
Here is music Link :

agree with color combination. some problems to see well letters in 0:41 with this dark blue…
Good luck! :smiley: