Hard Rejection For My MuseTemplate

Hi Everyone …

I got hard rejection for my muse template …
here is the demo link …
I need some suggestiions …


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Here is my feedback for your theme:

  1. Header buttons almost hidden :frowning:.

  2. Pay attention to spacing:

  3. Again, spacing

  4. Make these clickable:

  5. Make these tiles bigger.

  6. Pay attention to lisiblity of texts over images

  7. These texts are black. Is there an unfinished header?!

Final note: Your item is not so bad, but you have major spacing issues, lisibility issues, but now I’ve seen something new… this item is not responsive?! :cold_sweat:

Try to browse some accepted items on ThemeForest and accommodate yourself with the design. This way you will educate yourself in terms of attention to details.


thank you very much for these suggestions and informations ThemeSLR …
it seems , i have to make many updates and fixes in this template for approving by envato staff :slight_smile:

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