Muse Theme Hard Rejected What should I improve?

It’s the first theme I’m sending to the themeforest, I did not really know what to expect, so I’m asking you for tips to improve and if you can tell me what was not cool on my theme.

Demo link:

Thank You =D

Hello @jeanlm24!

Your item’s main issues are: typography hierarchy, spacing, colors, graphics…almost anything is out of place on this theme.

###Some detailed feedback:

  1. Make logo smaller. Burger menu is out of place(bigger than its parent holder - make the burger icon smaller). Slider content is not centered. The title/subtitle of centered but the image is not…which makes your template unprofessional

  2. Missing favicon

  3. I would make the slider texts vertically aligned

  4. Huge spacing issues:

  5. Spacing issue. Be consistent with spacing…these are basic design rules

  6. This color is out of place…there is no other element with this color on your template. Pay attention to typography hierarchy Heading (eg: Social) need to be bolder and bigger. Paragraph needs to be smaller (in font-size)

  7. Alignment issues (checkbox labels). Spacing issues

  8. Use font-icons instead of PNG Images…:frowning: You can use Font Awesome

9.Reduce the space here to half size

10. Spacing issues all over the place :expressionless:

11. Make testimonial user name centered. Reduce the width/height of slider bullets. Make the thumbnail smaller

12. Huge spacing issue on Gallery section (top/bottom)
13. Spacing issue on inputs
14. There are more issues but this is my quick feedback. Be careful and check all parts from your theme.

Final note: Without solving these basic design issues you will not get accepted on the marketplace. Your item can be improved but you should make serious improvements. Please also add some premium images(these images does not have that premium feeling :frowning: ).

(*) - Take a look at some approved Muse Themes and learn from there how to build your item. How to use typography, how to combine fonts etc.

Good Luck

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Thank you very much, the indications that you have made are very satisfactory and will help me a lot in the next attempt.

Glad to hear that! Good Luck :sunny: !