Site theme, hard rejected due to poor quality, help is needed.

Good afternoon, my landing page got a hard rejection due to poor quality. Since this is my first site template here, I would like to receive comments or criticism on my topic. I would be happy to hear the advice of more experienced authors. Since Envato does not provide any comments, it is difficult to understand the matter in the design or in the code.
The template has been uploaded under the Website Templates category.

It’s a very standard/simple layout with a bunch of spacing and alignment issues. You also have a nav link labeled as “Price” which I would expect to lead me to a pricing table or options, but it instead leads to a slideshow of images. The font choices are also fairly strange in my opinion.

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Thanks, I will work on it.

Sorry your design is too basic error images, typography, spacing, colors, etc but your design need more professional as other design approved in themeforest, you can see inspirations for give some ideas (colors, spacing, etc).


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Thank you, your feedback is important to me.

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