Hard rejected PSD ?

Portfolio PSD (width 1920px)
Demo - http://s28.postimg.org/laken8jel/screenshot02.jpg
Another thing, Is this necessary to have a typography page while submit to TF ?

Advice me please.

Not ready for themeforest yet.

I have seen your portfolio, since you come from banner and business cards section, web design is really different.

  • No proper spacing between sections, use the white space or the negative space correctly.
  • They say a website should create an atmosphere, from the screenshots above. I don’t really get the theme of the design. try to work more on the colors.
  • This looks odd, un-realistic. Before posting anything on such competitive marketplaces ask yourself “Would I buy the template?” and if the answer is no, you know you need to fix something.
  • It looks like an old 2005 based website design keep up the trends with 2015, like larger hero areas, abstract color schemes.

To be frank this PSD has a long way to go. Sorry if I am being too harsh, take proper inspiration from the top selling templates in that category and try again. LEAVE THIS ONE, This can’t sur-pass the quality standards of the review team.

Wish you the best.

Thanks for the advice I will go as your suggestion and keep in mind.
Thanks again