Please help! First *H* rejection for PSD

Мy PSD template was hard rejected. Please suggest me something to improve it.

Here you could find the screenshots:

Now I know some of mistakes I’ve done:

  1. Some lyers wasn’t done with this rule - “Color adjustments must use an adjustment layer (rasterized layers are not acceptable)”
  2. Didn’t list the numbers of pages included and describe what the template is designed for
    List credits and required resources. This includes the fonts, patterns and shapes used in the template.

May be there are some other things which needs to be improved?

*** Uploaded “Layers” folder with screenshots of layers in PSD

Guys, please, say something I need your professional opinion.

Honestly the design is really outdated. You should look at the latest items approved in the psd category. They are clean, simple design with a lot of white space, plus your hierarchy in totally wrong, who puts the portfolio section under the contact section? If you want to get approved you should improve your design.

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Compot, I very appreciate for your comment! It’s indeed very important for me!

Actually When I made this design I did research with the most popular and cool websites. And the only reason why it doesn’t have much white spaces is because I tried to adjust “one screen information” (every section of this landing page like “About Us”, “What We Can do For you?” etc.) to 768px by hight. I wanted this design could be seen with smaller display resolution. Or maybe I thought wrong?

How do you think if I change the design adding more white spaces is it become better? If you have some other remarks I will be very appreciate for this!

Bro i hve problem too with Hard rejectings

but your psd theme is awesome and not outdated

edogbeatz31, I appreciate for your opinion and support! Could I see your template which was rejected?

all of this

edogbeatz31, thank you for your examples!

Actually I like, espacially the last one. May be somewhere I would make text without shadow and in some places IO would make shadow a bit lighter. And what heppaned with icons on green bg under menu on the second template? I actually don’t know what other resons could be. May be they expected more complecated design or some inner pages for website like articles, news, blog, contacts etc.

Regarding to my issue, may be my the biggest problem is technical. I prepaired my gesign not regarding to Envato standarts. I am going to improve design overall - add new inner pages and try to upload again considering all Envato technical standarts. Hope this will work. ))

Unfortunately your theme is outdated. Try to come up with something new.
You also have design and tipography problems.
Create more demos. More attention to detail.
Good Luck !

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thezoc, thanks for comment. But I am not sure what it belongs to? To my or to edogbeatz31’s design?

is for you @olexius, I pressed the wrong replay.

thezoc, could you please show me exactly why it is outdated and where and why somewhere there are problems with typography? Where exactly I should pay more attention for details? Please tell me on my existing template what’s wrong. This will help me to improve this template or create something new in another new way and knowledge.

Things i did not liked:

  1. Too much colors
  2. Images are inappropirate
  3. Icons and buttons

In my view PSD is rejected due to visual hierarchy

Good luck!


Guys I very appreciate for your feefback, but please give me more detailed explenation for example:

  1. About colors. Actually I think this have sense. There are 6 different colors. I just thought that they suit to each other.

  2. If images are inappropirate, so tell me why and for what? I thought that I shouldn’t too much pay attention for subject of images text etc, Anyway this template in this version don’t have certain subject, so I just put some photos just to show how the gallery is looks like. May be I should create template with some particular subject and it’s functions? I thought that I could create some doodle design and that will be enough.

  3. What’s exactly wrong with buttons and icons (size, colors, shape)?

  4. Where is biggest problems with typography?

  5. Where is not enough white spaces and how would you do insed of this design?

  6. What it means to create more demos? It means to create more structure versions of one design? Like different sliders, menus, website subjects and colors?

  7. And what detail need to be payed with more attention?

I also wanted to ask about images I could use. These images I found on free images website. but there are not much images I could use for some particular subject. Could I use not only free images for my template or I need to find only free images? And may be you could give me some good websites with free images for template, I will be very apreciate!

I will answer your last question: You can use photos from or any similar website that offers photos under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) or Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) licenses.

My favourite libraries: Unsplash, Gratisography and Fancycrave (All of them provide photos under CC0 license).

To improve typography read this :

Develop your own icons .
Maximum 2 colors .

Good Luck

OsamaSayegh, thezoc, thank you very much, guys!!!

About icons I made some research of new website designs and lots of them used icons as a font like Awesome Font for example. Of cource this make design less unique. Nevertheless this way is very useful… you just change font size and icon change without loss of quality. But I’ve got your idea, thanks.

thank you broo

edogbeatz31, you are welcome! :slight_smile: Good luck!

A very basic design, if you want to join TF you need to make drastic changes.
The design quality is a priority for this market keep that in mind.

Errors exist in the spaces, colors, typography, contrasts and images
If you truly want to sell in this market you will have to start thinking about buying quality images to highlight your work, but first you have to improve on important things with the visual hierarchy.
Keep working and soon you will get results